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Guidelines That You Need to Check Before Committing Yourself to Signing a Tower Lease Buyout Agreement.

Leasing a tower buyout is usually unique, and it has special contract agreements. Unlike times that you are negotiating on the residential or commercial real-estate, the favor is usually on the leasing company. You find that many mobile compcompaniesl want to construct many buildings and towers to ensure clients access their services, but the properties are minimal to construct their features, land may be occupied or is minimal. The deal needs to be between the leasing company and the tenant, if it becomes expeexpensive leasing company just walk away for greener pasture.

Therefore, there is a need to have papers that you sign so that what you agree will be provided in the right manner at the end of every montmonththe time frame that you agree on. It is important that you clarify all the things in the pages so that you do not affect your plans and that of your generations. You need to know that the sign you put on the papers will affect your future and there is hence the need that you proceed with caution. You may call price-valuers so that you can get an update of the value of your property so that you know if it is worth the rent that leasing company is going to pay for a certain duration.

You must go through the fine print so that you can ascertain that you are not making a mistake of settling with something that would affect your future. To be sure that your location can be served at the location of the site for the tower that is new, you would require checking through the map. You should not settle down before you are sure that the location have is the one for you and if you can get another area which is better than what you have. There is need to read in between the lines so that you clear out all the challenges that may be an issue when it comes to the future use of your asset. You need to check if there is anything you have not gotten clarification of and by the cell tower lease expert ake sure you had made clarifications about the info you need to have and if it has been done properly.

You should not just be focusing on what you will have today, but the future also matters. It is crucial that you get prepared for the fact that cellcell tower leasing agreementes place between 20 and decades. The contract must come to an end and that is the only time you would be in a position to get another contract. You cannot claim that you have to make the best choice while you are not certain that what you have chosen will suit well with the kind of needs you have. You must question yourself if you will be in apposition to get even a small value for your property in the next decades.

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Business Legislation Compliance in Terms of your Employees

The legal obligations that businesses need to meet in order to be compliant with the Acts put forward by the government are extensive and can be hard to keep track of. In South Africa non-compliance can have serious consequences, unless you enlist the help of professionals to make sure you meet the standards expected to be considered good practice. Here are some of the terms that the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) stipulates which we can help you comply with:

Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)

This Act serves to provide employees with fair labour practices and regulate the implementation thereof to protect the best interests of employees and employers; terms are non-negotiable.

An employee is defined by the Act as anyone who works for another person or assists in the conducting of business and is entitled to remuneration for it.

This Act prohibits:

  • Payment to the employer by employee in relation to the condition of their employment or potential employment.
    • Labour or work done by children under the age of fifteen or dangerous work under legal age. Violation of the law can result in a six year prison sentence.

This Act sets definitions and standards for:

  • Regulation of time
    • Interpretation of a work day and work hours
    •             Overtime
    •             Meal intervals
    •             Rest periods
    •             Annual leave
    •             Sick leave
    •             Maternity leave
    •             Protection of employees before and after childbirth
    •             Family responsibility leave
    •             Occupational accidents or diseases
    •             Written particulars of employment
    •             Informing employees of their rights
    •             Termination

By setting the rules to be followed in order to provide fair labour practices to employees and for employers to meet business legislation compliance the BCEA protects both parties from illegal or discriminatory practices.

Assistance with Compliance Orders

The BCEA is the most basic of the Acts to protect and enforced fair labour practice, but there are multiple business legislation compliance terms that businesses must meet before they can be considered as compliant and working under the terms of Good Practice. Should you fear you may be unknowingly overlooking terms for business compliance in South Africa, consult the experts and they will do it for you.


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