The Importance of Expunging Criminal Records

In the legal system, the process is put in place to help protect those who are innocent from going to jail when they are charged with a crime. However, the people still manage somehow to be found guilty, and the criminal record can ruin their career or hinder other areas of their lives. This is where another facet of the legal system come into play, and that is called expungement. Expunging criminal records is the one area in the law where those whose lives have been changed for the better after a crime can find justice.

The Purpose of Expunging Records

Expunging is a good process for those who once committed crimes and have now turned over a new leaf, or for those who were unfairly prosecuted and need for their names to be cleared. Expunging removes the fact that the crime was committed from the records, although there is no guarantee that the crime won’t be brought up by someone who remembers. The main point is that if a person is trying to get a job, such as in law enforcement, and there is something on his or her record that might block him or her, expunging would be the way to go if the person has truly changed.

Other Things about Expunging Records

The other thing about expunging records is that the person may still have an obligation to disclose any past behavior to potential employers if the nature of the job is one that require confidentiality. People should also realize that getting an expungement is not easy to do, and it may take an attorney to help get it done. Getting an attorney is simply a matter of looking one up.

Finding an Attorney for Expunging

Those who really need an expunging of their criminal records had first better ensure that enough time has past for them to qualify, otherwise a judge may automatically turn them down. Afterwards they can go online and find a credible attorney to represent them in the matters they need expunged. This information can be found in a telephone book or by visiting the website at