Tips for Choosing Induction Cookware

It is becoming more common for house hunters choose homes that include induction cooktops or have the appliances installed in existing houses. Either way, induction-compatible cookware is required to use the stovetops. They are worth the investment. Induction cooking is blazingly fast and stovetops are cool to the touch as soon as pots are removed. There are several manufacturers offering induction cookware. It is important for clients to understand their differences, since some are far superior to others.

Induction Stovetops Only Work With Certain Cookware

Specially-designed pots and pans are required in order to use induction stovetops because they work on a different principle than most stoves. There are no heating coils or flames on the stovetop. Instead a series of components basically create a magnet that transfers heat to the cookware. Unlike most methods, induction cooking heats only the cookware and its contents, without affecting surrounding surfaces. The best induction cookware sets are durable, offer exceptionally fast heating and are handsome additions to kitchens

Cookware Buyers Should Do Their Homework

It is a good idea for shoppers to understand all of the variables before they begin comparing induction cookware sets. For example, products should clearly state that they are induction compatible. They should have flat bottoms and heavy lids that will not rattle. The best sets include sturdy handles that will not vibrate during cooking. Some stainless steel pots and pans work, but customers who are shopping in stores should bring a magnet and see if cookware bottoms attract it.

Not All Induction Cookware Sets Are Equal

Buyers should also research the most recommended cookware, which is a simple task online. For example, sites like offer an explanation of induction cooking, recommendations and cookware ratings. Their top 3 include:

  • #1- The Circulon Premier Professional 11 Piece Set
  • #2- The Analon Nouvelle Copper Hard Anodized 11 Piece Set
  • #3- The Flavorstone 11″ Blue Sapphire Induction Set

An induction stovetop is an investment that only works with special pots and pans. Fortunately, it is easy to research and buy high quality induction cookware online or in stores. Customers can find Internet reviews that explain induction cooking and recommend the best induction compatible pots and pans.