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Top Ten National Consumer Complaints For 2008

Top Ten National Consumer Complaints For 2008

Last month, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) released its annual Top Ten List of Consumer Complaints. In some ways, the list lived up to expectations. The top three complaints from last year, debt collections, auto sales and home repair/construction, remained at the top again this year. However, in a reflection of the current economic crisis, credit cards and predatory lending/mortgages made it into the top ten this year. Debt collection held the number one slot.

The list is based on an annual survey conducted by NAGG of Attorneys General. Surveys are completed by the offices of the Attorney General and tallied by the NAAG Consumer Protection Project.

The National Top Ten Consumer Complaints for 2008 are:

1. Debt Collection

2. Auto Sales

3. Home Repair/Construction

4. Credit Cards (tie)

5. Internet Goods and Services (tie)

6. Predatory Lending/Mortgages

7. Telemarketing/Do-Not-Call

8. Auto Repair

9. Auto Warranties (tie)

10. Telecom/Slamming/Cramming (tie)

It is the responsibility of the State Attorneys General to lead enforcement for their state’s consumer protection laws, making them a leader in the consumer protection force in the nation. Every state in the US has consumer protection statues prohibiting deceptive practices and acts, even if those acts occur on-line. The Attorneys General may take action against individuals or businesses who commit fraud, including areas like debt collection, telemarketing, auto sales, and misleading advertising.

According to Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock, “Attorneys general throughout our nation vigorously enforce the laws designed to protect consumers. When consumers have been deceived or treated unfairly by a business, they should contact the attorney general’s office in their state. By filing a complaint with our offices, our staff can work with both consumers and businesses to try to rectify the problem.”

If you believe you have been the victim of a fraud or scam, you should plan to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office in your state (click here for a list of offices in your state.) Consumers who report unauthorized charges on their credit cards, fraudulent debt reduction services or other financial schemes may not see an immediate resolution to their individual complaint, but may help the Attorney General build a case against scam artists or long running bad practices by businesses. For advice on how to recoup your lost money, you might consider consulting with a consumer law attorney.

Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett said, “With the recession and increased foreclosure rates, consumers need to be on high alert. Too many people are being swindled out of their hard-earned money by scam artists.” Attorney General Bennett co-chairs the NAAG Consumer Protection Committee with Attorney General Bullock.…

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It Is Good to Be in Contact With a Truck Accident Lawyer

It Is Good to Be in Contact With a Truck Accident Lawyer

I am a supplier of raw building materials; basically it is our family business. After my father, I took over. Things were running swiftly and fine, and I hardly faced any real challenge in my work. But the last few days were more than hectic for me. It was a combination of tension with sleepless nights. If only I had just realized that my truck accident lawyer could take care of everything, I would have slept much better that week.

We own numerous trucks and some of them were sent for supplying materials to a construction site. Two of them crashed and toppled near the construction site. The road way sloped and there was a turn in, at which the loaded truck failed to maintain its balance and hit the unloaded truck, that toppled it. It was a horrible accident, the kind you never want to hear about, much less want to be a part of your business.

Drivers were injured, and the road got totally blocked. I was receiving phone calls every minute; the site manager, police, and local residents, etc. It was a horrible day. However my manager referred me to a truck accident lawyer, who came as my savior and really redeemed the day. He gave me real mental support stating that it was nothing more than an accident.

They are real experts in law and at the same time can act as good counselors. Apart from providing legal representation, they are knowledgeable in, and veteran of, assorted fields of law with a know how in civil rights and wrongs. They are specially trained and licensed to practice any field of law. They generally act as the middleman and can swiftly turn things around by logical and emotional reasoning.

In my case he visited the accident prone site, took a measure of the width of the road, the gradient and questioned the site workers. He documented the entire accident and also provided statistics of such accidents in his report. I had a proper and timely communication with my lawyer, exchanged updates and plans of settlement and negotiation.

On behalf of my company I had to provide some compensation to the drivers and site contractor. The trucks were insured, so we had no issues resolving that. The trail was fair, and the entire case was resolved in much less payment. I still remain in contact with my truck accident lawyer.…

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Widespread Regulation Odd Couples

Common regulation (often known as judicial precedent or choose-made law, or case law) is that physique of law derived from judicial choices of courts and related tribunals. A standard legislation relationship is considered a wedding because it has lasted a very long time, although no official marriage contract has been signed.his common law spouse. Many of the southwestern states mirror traces of civil regulation affect of their state constitutions and codes from their early legal heritage as territories of colonial Spain and Mexico.

Of these respondents, 281 folks were in a cohabiting relationship – two-thirds of which thought they had been common-regulation married. Most nations in the present day follow one in every of two major authorized traditions: widespread regulation or civil regulation. You must know that the termination date impacts some rights, resembling the correct to apply to court docket for an accounting and division of property below The Family Property Act.

EXAMPLE: Colorado allows frequent regulation marriages; California doesn’t. Former NSW Chief Justice Spigelman has described case regulation setting out rights which Parliament is presumed not to have meant to limit or overrule, until this intention is made clear, as a “widespread legislation Bill of Rights”.

The widespread law rights listed by Chief Justice Spigelman are expressed as including a more normal right in opposition to self incrimination. Even when you don’t have capacity to marry once you begin residing with someone, you can still find yourself in a standard regulation marriage.

Widespread regulation is defined as legislation that has been developed on the idea of preceding rulings by judges. Should a standard legislation partner die or grow to be disabled, all property robotically go to the surviving spouse. PLEASE NOTICE: No attorneys work at Unmarried Equality, so we’re unable to offer legal advice on any personal conditions.…

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Household Regulation In Australia

The Focus in Household Law introduces students to the breadth of the family law area with three required programs: Household Regulation, Domestic Violence Law and Youngsters and the Law. Family First Legal Group specializes in divorce, custody disputes, and other family legislation. Household is defined as a particular group of people that could be made up of partners, youngsters, dad and mom, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

Recommendation and coaching by skilled household legislation attorneys from wherever you are: separation, divorce, custody, access, baby help and spousal support matters. Family legislation disputes contain private and intimate particulars and may lead to emotional conflicts between spouses, separated mother and father, and other family members.

Although the Regulation family is provided substantial screen time, characters including Heidi (Kimie Tsukakoshi), Wayne (Sam Cotton) and Melissa (Bethany Whitmore) seem very two-dimensional because of missing characterization. At Family Law Organization we’ve established a invaluable Family Regulation useful resource for both attorneys and fogeys alike.

Effective training in both the method and substance of contemporary family law apply is necessary for achievement on this competitive and dynamic subject. Family regulation is likely one of the most sensitive areas of legal follow. Emancipation : A court docket course of through which a minor becomes self-supporting, assumes adult responsibility for his or her welfare, and is not below the care of his or her parents.

Andrew Spearman at A Metropolis Legislation Agency Ltd delivers ‘˜a 5-star service’ and is noted for his capability to ‘˜instantly put his purchasers at ease when discussing very delicate and private issues’. The London workplace is greatest identified for its work relating to monetary purposes on divorce and wealth safety prior to and after marriage.…

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Faculty Of Legislation

Kelly Thompson Household Legislation strives to determine sturdy, constructive relationships with our shoppers to ensure that every client feels supported, respected and valued all through our illustration. Lillian is a divorce lawyer who works with households who perceive that divorce isn’t the end to the family; it is the reorganization of the household. Family Regulation Software program for Household Law Attorneys. While searching for to develop our agency and stay profitable, our shoppers, our employees and our families take precedent over financial achieve.

Raymond Tooth is ‘˜one of the vital revered household attorneys in London ‘ everyone needs to instruct him and no-one wants their partner to go to him’. Studying the regulation and dealing by way of the courts can eat an inordinate amount of time. Finally, the issue of divorce raised the subject of kid custody.

Household regulation attorneys usually work on tough and emotionally wrought circumstances. It is a highly impressive firm that provides a primary-price service on both the monetary and kids sides of household legislation. Finest Family Regulation Attorneys Near Me Discover The Greatest Family Regulation Attorneys From Our 2000+ Listings.

All of them have been working collectively for a very long time even previous to creating their vision in NXTSTEP Household Law. “Household law,” therefore, refers to rules, laws, and court docket procedures involving the family unit. The top of a marriage is a irritating time for each spouse, any youngsters, and different individuals near them.

If the couple can come to an agreement on little one custody and visitation on their own, the court docket will usually honor this agreement. Household legislation encompasses legal points that have an effect on all areas of household life. To get a fair outcome for your little one support case, contact Bogatay Family Regulation for illustration by an experienced Pittsburgh youngster assist lawyer.…

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Particular Counsel

At Spotify, we’ve connected hundreds of thousands of individuals to their favorite songs and created a service that individuals use to discover and revel in music they love. The Workplace of the Common Counsel is dedicated to act with integrity, information of the law, and cause in help of the dynamic instructional, analysis and collaborative setting of the College. The purpose of this web site is to give you information about this office, the services performed by Legal Counsel, solutions to regularly requested questions and links to different sources of State and Federal larger schooling-associated data.

Communications with the Workplace of the Normal Counsel relating to private legal issues (together with matters antagonistic to the College) or relating to non-legal matters will not be privileged or confidential. The workplace serves as a useful resource to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations affecting the College.

We present legal and risk management recommendation on a wide variety of issues to the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, senior officers, different college directors, and college and staff who’re appearing on behalf of the college. As a result of the amount of immigration applications has elevated lately, ISSS and the OGC have concluded that it could be beneficial to provide Penn departments with choices for handling certain employment-based mostly PR and -1 applications.

Please observe that solely the OGC is permitted to retain Outside Counsel on behalf of the College. The litigators and counselors additionally advise agency enforcement officials on pending compliance points and review sure warning letters despatched to corporations and individuals believed to have violated the FDCA or associated legal guidelines.

Tina joined the College’s Office of the Normal Counsel in 2017. Previous to her appointment at Yale, Sarah served as a workers lawyer at Authorized Providers NYC. Office of Counsel manages all litigation and other legal proceedings on behalf of the University and its workers.…

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Construction And Rules

Frequent legislation (also known as judicial precedent or decide-made regulation, or case law) is that body of legislation derived from judicial selections of courts and comparable tribunals. Though other provinces have some form of marriage-like designation for common regulation couples, the definitions and rights afforded these couples fluctuate broadly. Nevertheless, in common regulation jurisdictions, treatises are usually not the regulation, and lawyers and judges tend to make use of these treatises as solely “finding aids” to find the related cases.

You need to inform us if you had been beforehand married or in a common-legislation relationship. The function of the authorized academy presents a significant “cultural” distinction between widespread legislation ( connotation 2 ) and civil law jurisdictions.

Roman Dutch common law depends on legal rules set out in Roman law sources corresponding to Justinian’s Institutes and Digest, and in addition on the writing of Dutch jurists of the seventeenth century such as Grotius and Voet In apply, the majority of decisions rely on current precedent.

Cardozo continues to stick to the original principle of Winterbottom , that “absurd and outrageous consequences” must be averted, and he does so by drawing a brand new line within the final sentence quoted above: “There have to be information of a danger, not merely doable, however probable.” However whereas adhering to the underlying precept that some boundary is important, MacPherson overruled the prior widespread law by rendering the formerly dominant factor within the boundary, that is, the privity formality arising out of a contractual relationship between persons, completely irrelevant.

Like cousins who resemble one another, frequent law and natural regulation are generally confused. Not all states have statutes addressing common law marriage. Great attention and respect is undoubtedly because of the selections of a Lord Chancellor: however they aren’t conclusive upon a Courtroom of widespread law.…