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How to Use Your Time When Searching for Permanent Employment

How to Use Your Time When Searching for Permanent Employment

It’s always considered the best option to look for a new job when you already have a job – but what should you do if you’re unemployed at the time that you’re looking for something new? What are your options?

Your first priority, of course, should be to make sure that you’re able to pay the bills. This may involve taking on positions that aren’t in your field and may pay much less than you’re accustomed to – but in a difficult economy, it’s important to be flexible and expand the range of jobs that you’d be willing to take on. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck in a seeming dead-end job forever; it just means that you have the maturity to do what needs to be done until you find something that’s more appropriate to your skills and background.

Of course, don’t make the mistake of taking on a full-time low-paying job that won’t leave you with any time to look for your real job – this is counter-productive and leads to a low return on investment (ROI), i.e. with you working many hours but moving no closer at all to your career goals.

Let’s say you’ve taken care of paying the bills, and you have a number of opportunities in the pipeline that may lead to a promising full-time position. Hiring can be a long-term process, however, one that can take months as companies often interview many candidates for a position, and take their time in making a decision. What can or should you be doing in the meantime?

One good option is to look for interim or short-term work. This is a possibility in most professions, including law. As firms remain reluctant to add full-time employees to their payrolls, they continue to turn to contract employees or consultants, those who have the necessary background and skills to do the work yet do not require an outlay of benefits and other pricey add-ons that make full-time employees an expensive proposition.

Many then wonder how to find this kind of work, as so many avenues in the employment sector are geared towards full-time employment. The first thing to do is let people know you’re interested in shorter-term opportunities. Your friends, former classmates, and contacts on LinkedIn are a great place to start. Be as specific as possible about your skills and where and how you think you can add value. Now is not the time to be shy! The more people know about what you can contribute, the better.

It’s also certainly worthwhile to identify and contact those staffing companies in your area that specialize in short-term legal placement. In every major market there are at least several branches of national staffing companies, and often several locally owned firms as well. While it’s true that the majority of assignments offered through these companies are tedious document review projects, not all of their assignments are in this realm. And even if you do end up working on a document review assembly line, you’re putting yourself in an environment where you at least have a chance of making new connections or distinguishing yourself in some way. These kinds of jobs can also help you build a resume of relevant experience that’ll add to the profile that you present to potential full-time employers. If your resume reflects an eagerness to succeed in the legal field, prospective employers will recognize that effort.…

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Montford Family Legislation

Study divorce and separation, custody and parenting, youngster assist and spousal assist, implementing support and resolving enforcement points. With a dizzying number of attorneys practicing family legislation, finding the precise one in your wants might look like finding a needle in a haystack. In Georgia, courts have a look at the best pursuits of the kid to make custody determinations.

The firm represents shoppers in all elements of family law, including divorce and custody proceedings, and the negotiation of complete marital settlement agreements and pre-nuptial agreements. The Department of Justice publishes a guide to family law within the Northwest Territories called Family Legislation in the NWT as a part of its mission to offer public authorized schooling and information.

When the mother and father usually are not married, it is obligatory to ascertain a father’s rights associated to custody and visitation through a legal motion often known as legitimation, even when a father is named on a start certificates. Payne Hicks Seashore provides ‘˜an unrivalled service that’s discreet and consumer-targeted, and it has an extremely clever staff with among the biggest names in London family law: it’s a very spectacular agency’.

Lauren Berkich is aware of that the paperwork, courtroom appearances, and communications with opposing parties regarding intimate household law issues, might be very overwhelming for the shopper. The agency has ‘˜expertise across all areas of household legislation, with particular skill and curiosity in various dispute resolution’.

The State of Washington, beneath section 26.10.160(3) of its Revised Code, permitted “any individual” at “any time” to petition a state household court docket for visitation rights each time “visitation could serve the very best curiosity of the kid.” Jenifer and Gary Troxel used this statute to petition a Washington courtroom in 1993 for the appropriate to visit their grandchildren, Isabelle and Natalie Troxel.…

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Should You Consider Working With An Attorney On Your Foreclosure?

Should You Consider Working With An Attorney On Your Foreclosure?

If you are facing possible foreclosure on your home, there are a number of reasons why you might consider hiring an attorney to help you through the process. Of course, for many individuals, doing so is not even really a consideration due to the cost involved. However, for those who can afford it, working with an attorney may provide a number of advantages over navigating the process by yourself.

Reason 1: Working With the Bank

First, consider the fact that the banks will without doubt have a plethora of lawyers at their disposal to pursue your foreclosure case or trustee sale. Most of the time, bank employed attorneys will not take calls directly from a borrower, but may be more likely to speak with the borrower’s legal representation. They speak the same language and know the rules of the game, whereas the borrower often does not, and so hiring an attorney can sometimes make the process of communicating with the bank a bit more productive.

Reason 2: Prevent Being Taken Advantage Of

A second reason why working with an attorney may be worthwhile during foreclosure is that it can pay off to have someone familiar with your state laws take a look at all of the documentation and ensure that proper procedures are being followed. Banks may sometimes take advantage of the fact that borrowers usually do not fully understand all of the rules of the foreclosure process. If you have an attorney to review things, back you up, and object if you are not being treated fairly and in accordance with the law, you may be less likely to encounter an devious practices by the bank.

Reason 3: Buying More Time

Another consideration is allowing oneself more time to reestablish income, reach a resolution with the bank, and retain the home. While it can often cost several thousand dollars to hire legal representation during a foreclosure proceeding, doing so can often stretch the case out for several more months, allowing a borrower to save more while still in the home, and lengthening the time in which an agreement might be worked out with the bank.

Reason 4: Better Loan Modification Prospects

If you are seeking a loan modification, having an attorney on your side may result in better modification terms. For example, if you pursue a loan modification on your own, you may only be able to secure a temporary modification. If an attorney helps with the process, on the other hand, it may be possible to secure a permanent modification to the loan.

At the end of the day, deciding whether or not to hire an attorney might simply come down to the money involved. If you’re already behind in making your payments, it may not be an option for you to come up with the fees to pay for legal representation. If you have the funds, however, having an attorney in your court can provide you with a number of really helpful advantages.…

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Profession Insights From A Real Household Regulation Attorney

Going via a separation and divorce may be probably the most trying times in a person’s life. It’s good on youngsters matters and has an undoubted strength in advanced and heavyweight financial treatment cases’. Other members of the ‘˜world-class’ staff are the ‘˜good, thoughtful and measured’ Claire Gordon ; Eliza Hebditch , who is noted for her ‘˜beautiful method with clients who plainly feel effectively supported by her.

We represented him within the Courtroom of Attraction and successfully overturned the initial choice, so his former spouse did not have permission to leave with the kids. When a pair decides to get divorced in Georgia, they might need to think about issues of property division, youngster support, baby custody, and spousal assist.

Most of the social and cultural issues U.S. society debates will ultimately be performed out in its household courts. Janice Kaufman has ‘˜unrivalled breadth of information of youngsters’s rights born out of years of representing children’. In return, the husband was obliged to assist the wife and their children.

Blossoming types of inchoate property (stock choices, intellectual property rights, partnership preparations) that should be divided at divorce. At Scroggins Family Regulation, our household legal professionals offer thoughtful steering and caring compassion for the difficult occasions in your life.

Underneath joint custody, legal custody (the decision-making power over the kid’s conduct of life) remains with each mother and father, and physical custody goes to 1 or the other or is shared. This program presents a singular combination of slicing-edge apply coaching and authorized concept to arrange students for a wide range of family regulation associated careers.…

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What is family legislation? Many of the cases in family regulation involve a monetary component; therefore, family regulation paralegals must typically investigate the revenue, expenses, property, and life of 1 or each events. Combined with these strategies is the apply of Surrogate Motherhood These new methods have also created legal questions and disputes new to household regulation.

Following the Norman conquest in 1066, nevertheless, the authorized status of a married lady was fastened by Common Regulation , and Canon Regulation prescribed varied rights and duties. Celebrating our twenty fifth anniversary in 2016, Hofstein Weiner & Meyer, P.C. is a boutique law agency devoted solely to home relations, specializing in the negotiation and litigation of advanced household law matters.

The attorneys at Fisher Legislation LLC guide shoppers in Missouri and Kansas through these difficult legal issues with compassion, empathy and expertise. Divorce by judgement of the court of law. ‘s Household Legislation and Divorce Center provides overviews of the myriad legal points going through households and family members, from divorce and marriage to adoption and home violence.

Totally dedicated to the very best requirements of legal counsel, Legal professional Lehnhardt actually listens to the needs of her clients. Household law circumstances in Kansas and Missouri often contain complicated points, and may be mentally and emotionally exhausting should you try and litigate by yourself.

Historically, fathers retained custody of their children. As with most other areas of the legislation, whether you want a household law lawyer depends upon a number of elements specific to your case. In Illinois there are clearly outlined guidelines for little one assist and courts take the enforcement of kid help orders critically.…

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What’s Next For Debt Settlement Firms? Legislation, Regulation and Some Lawsuits

What’s Next For Debt Settlement Firms? Legislation, Regulation and Some Lawsuits

In the beginning there was a flourishing economy rife with excessive credit card usage and the comfort of a soft landing in the form of Chapter 7 for those who became overextended. Almost in lockstep with our troubled economy came the advent of the debt settlement boom. While it seems as though the beleaguered economy should be reason enough to explain the barrage of radio and internet ads offering a cash-strapped audience a quick path to debt freedom, there were other factors at work that engendered the growth of the debt relief industry.

In 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act into law which dramatically tightened the requirements allowing financially distressed US citizens to file for Chapter 7. In lieu of Chapter 7, which is notable for permitting filers to discharge all unsecured debts, most filers would now have no choice but to enter into a Chapter 13 which is a reorganization plan that requires partial repayment of the debt over a 3-5 year period. Under the new policies, Chapter 7 filers would have to demonstrate extreme financial hardship and they would normally have to have made at least a best attempt to complete a debt management plan. The Uniform Debt Management Services Act clarifies that such a plan could be either in the form of Consumer Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement.

In walks the Credit Crisis…

In mid 2007 the foreclosure and credit crises fell upon us and a perfect storm comprised of bludgeoned industries and incapacitated consumers gave rise to the emergence of opportunistic debt settlement, loan modification and credit repair firms promising to cradle the financially disadvantaged. Until recently, the debt settlement industry has been allowed to prosper virtually unchallenged in that federal and state governments have had little if any regulation framework in place to ensure the safety of consumers from such firms. The lack of regulatory framework served to ensure a Wild West environment. Even if there was a sheriff in town, there were no laws for the sheriff to enforce.

Where is the legislation and regulation that should protect consumers?

Fortunately, there are some positive developments in the works that may one day help eject the bad actors from the arena and at the same time elevate some companies that can demonstrate honest, ethical and transparent business practices. Under the guidance of the Uniform Debt Management Services Act, there is a blueprint for regulation to oversee both debt settlement and credit counseling firms at the state level. States such as Colorado have begun employing this guidance and Colorado now requires debt settlement firms to be licensed and to be subject to the state regulations now in place.

The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) is a nonprofit industry association comprised of several settlement company executives and other insiders that lobby state lawmakers to adopt legislation to regulate the settlement industry. TASC also provides the settlement industry with guidance for standards of best practices while simultaneously acting as a self proclaimed industry watchdog. While it may seem precarious that TASC is a lobbying organization that also polices the same industry for which they lobby, one should bear in mind that government has been very slow to move into the enforcement role which would otherwise stand vacant.

Better times may possibly lie ahead but what about all of the people who have been defrauded?

Complain, complain and complain some more if you feel you have been defrauded by a settlement company. There are some very harsh realities to be expected by anyone who enters into a settlement program and often times these pitfalls won’t be clearly or accurately portrayed through any or all of the marketing, advertising or sales presentations meant to grab new business. Even though there is a lack of regulation, fraud is still fraud and there are several ways that you can go about taking action against a company whom you feel has deceived you.

The Attorneys General of both New York and Texas have each filed lawsuits against companies they believe have defrauded their constituents. Andrew Cuomo, the AG for New York also recently issued a subpoena to 14 settlement companies and one law firm. He is quoted having said, “These companies are taking advantage of people in New York and throughout the entire country who are facing tremendous economic hardship.” While the subpoenas are informational in nature, it is clear that the tone of the rhetoric is decidedly unfriendly towards those being questioned.

Do you feel that you are a victim of fraud? Here are some ways that you can take action:

File a complaint with the FTC Find out in what city and state the company is located and file a grievance with …