Lots of people all over the world are facing financial nightmares brought about by loans. These are loans that they are finding difficult to repay or even keep track of.

For example, a source gathered that the Norwegian financial system is gradually becoming vulnerable. This is as a result of the increasing number of households that are indebted because of their inability or failure to fulfill the terms of loans they had taken. You can click here to read the report.

But thank goodness there is something known as refinancing loans. Coming out of debt is a lot easier with this type of line of credit. You should keep reading to better understand how it works including the considerations before this line of credit is granted.

How a Refinancing Loan Works

This line of credit is a huge part of the financial system in many parts of the world. Places like Norway and the United States are examples. It is designed to lessen the financial burden that people with multiple debts have to deal with.

This is because servicing many debts can be a very daunting task. So, the concept is to consolidate the borrower’s several debts. Consolidation will enable the borrower to focus on one debt rather than the many debts the borrower once had to deal with. But that is not all.

One of the most amazing things about this special line of credit is the juicy offers that come with it. For one, the terms are usually favorable. This is even though it depends on several factors. So, what one person gets might be way less or more than what another person gets.

But by and large, the terms that come with refinancing loans are a lot more considerate than the regular lines of credit. This also means that the borrower stands a better chance of coming out of their financial misery using this debt repayment option.

How a Refinance Loan Is Gotten

The borrower would have to approach a creditor to get this line of credit. In some cases, the creditor in question is none other than one of the previous lenders. You apply for a refinance loan with them and it can be granted especially if you meet certain requirements.

But there is also the option of trying out a new creditor. You should even know that many people go for this option. For them, it is more or less like starting on a new positive page. The point here is that refinance loans can be gotten from a new or previous lender.

The most important thing would be getting this line of credit from a financial service provider that is willing to offer very considerable terms and conditions. We are talking about terms that will guarantee that you save money while repaying and with flexible repayment options.

There are two ways it can play out if the creditor considers you a fit and decides to offer you a refinance loan. The first is the straightforward option and one that many people desire. It is offering the borrower an unsecured loan. This means that it will be granted without any form of security demanded from you.

The second option is offering a flexible loan to the borrower. The issue with this option is that it might not take care of all the debt consolidation needs. This is just a possibility.

More often than not, this option is offered when the creditor is not sure of the borrower’s ability to fulfill the terms of the loan amount being demanded. But rather than decline the offer, the flexible plan is offered instead.

It works by offering a line of credit with a maximum limit. The determined maximum limit will have to do with how creditworthy the creditor thinks the borrower is. The maximum limit can be accessed and used to consolidate the borrower’s debt.

Here is one important piece of advice for those being granted this refinance loan option. It has to do with only taking out the amount that is needed and no more than that. Doing otherwise will affect the borrower’s finances negatively and this is not the goal of this line of credit.

Considerations Before Refinance Loans Are Granted

Just so you know, not everyone that applies for this line of credit have their application granted. One of the reasons is the sheer number of people that need or want this line of credit.

Creditors can only do as much as they can based on how much they have in their reserves. You should not also forget that these creditors also offer regular loans and it is still from their credit reserves. But other than this, some of the considerations before this line of credit is granted include the following:

Debt History and Record

Creditors ask their borrowers questions that center on their debt history and record at large. The essence is to examine how they have handled debt all this while. The gathered information will help the creditor know whether offering this line of credit to the borrower is a good idea or not.

Other than the questions that are asked, some background checks are also conducted. Based on this, experience has shown how people with documented payment remark issues have a lower chance of having their applications granted. This is why debt collection problems need to be avoided at all costs.


Creditors ask and make findings of the source of income of the borrower. It is no doubt a realistic move to make. For one, they need to be certain that the income source is legitimate.

In addition to this, the borrower’s income says a lot about how realistic repayment of the refinance loan will be. This is why most creditors will only grant refinance loans to borrowers when their monthly income multiplied by 5 is greater than the sum of their debt.

Other than this, creditors are known to only consider borrowers that earn salaries within a certain range. In Norway for example, the benchmark is 120,000 Norwegian kroner. However, a few creditors are known to go as low as 100,000 Norwegian kroner but no less than that.

But all these depend on the amount applied for. In some cases, the requirement can be an income as high as 250,000 Norwegian kroner.


For starters, the system only offers a line of credit to people who are not minors. This is why people below the age of 18 are not considered eligible. But this is just the general benchmark as some creditors even go as high as 25 years.

On the other end, the summation of the loan maturity and the borrower’s age should not be over 80 years. The chances are high that the application will be declined if this is the case.

It is even a lot less than that if it is the flexible loan option (that was discussed above). For the flexible option, the summation of the loan maturity and the borrower’s age should not be over 65 years. In the case of repayment loans, it should not be more than 75 years. You can check out Thephatstartup refinansiering for more on this subject.

Wrap Up

Many people have seen their refinance loan applications declined and they keep asking why this is the case. We have discussed some of the reasons why this application process has not gone through here. You are therefore advised to pay attention to these things to stand a better chance of seeing your application being granted.

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