If you believe that you qualify for social security disability benefits, you are welcome to fill out the necessary forms. You can apply online, call the toll free number or visit your local social security office. If you decide to apply in person, you are asked to make an appointment. It can take 3-5 months to receive an approval or denial notification, so if you would like some additional help, you can hire a social security attorney vancouver. A lawyer who is well-versed in the process can ensure the forms are filled out correctly to help prevent potential application delays.

Here are three social security disability application tips.

Information About You

Like any other application, you are going to be asked to provide certain documents and information about yourself. You will be asked for your social security number and proof of age. In terms of your disability, you will be asked for your medical information, including your doctor’s information, lab results and medication facts. You should also be ready to note where you have worked with a description of your position and responsibilities. Have your most recent W-2 handy. If you are self-employed, have your last federal tax return available.

Information About Your Family

Be prepared to provide the names, social security numbers and proof of age of your children, if any will qualify for social security benefits. The same will go for your spouse. If your spouse qualifies for benefits, provide that person’s name, social security number and proof of age. If you have been previously married, you will be expected to list the dates of those marriages, too.

Original Documentation

If you apply for social security disability benefits in person, or use the services of an attorney, all your documentation must be original. This is to help prevent fraud during the application process. Copies will be made by the social security office, and then, your originals will be given back to you. If you cannot procure originals of any of the documents, have the issuing offices certify that they are valid. For those who apply for benefits through the mail, your originals will be mailed back to you.

The social security disability benefit application process can take several months. You will be asked for information about yourself, your family and original documentation. An experienced attorney can help you through the process, too.

By lexutor