Attorney Contract Jobs

In today’s flexible scenario of the law sectors, attorney contract careers are flourishing well. If you want to boost up your career but are not working under any particular law firm, the job of a contract attorney is favourable for you. You will work freelance and will not be responsible towards the long term difficulties of any particular firm.

You can use your time according to your job desire and term. If you are diligent and are a successful lawyer, you will earn fame and may offers. But be careful. Every job has its risk today and the risk of attorney contract is that of getting over-worked and under-paid.

Job Profile

If you desire to work independently and do not want to be ordered continuously by firm rules, conditions and terms and spine stressing schedules, you can work as an contract attorney. You can choose your work as legal advisors and attorneys are needed everywhere nowadays.

You can specialize in one particular legal area like employment or property or medical malpractice or you can even spread your work experience and learn a lot. If you have passed law school and have authority to practice but haven’t taken or passed the Bar exam, you can look for attorney contract employment. Job availability is high. So are the competition and the risk.

What You Should Do

Research the company you will work for well in advance. Find out their history with contract attorney jobs. Find out the figures in the salary and packages if any. Get to know your role and work there and judge if you are being paid well. Don’t be snobbish.

Compare your situation with other contracts attorney jobs and companies hiring them. It’s true that you can’t do much in a recessive scenario in the sector so be aware of the recent developments. But also be careful for most companies hire attorney contracts to meet their cost efficiency levels and save finance in hiring associates.

Often attorney contracts are made to do secretarial work and extensive paper work in closed conditions which can be very tiring and frustrating. Be clear about your needs and wants. If you can overcome such hurdles, you should go for it. Remember once you earn your salary for one contract, if it is adequate, you can rest for as long as you can manage with the pay cheque.


Working as an attorney contract will give you a lot of experience which will help you in the long run. You will meet many people and work in many varying environments and that is something worth it. Likewise you should be flexible enough to adapt to the changes required according to varying situations and job offers.

You will have to have an unbiased and open mind to accept different types of tasks and challenges.

One disadvantage is that you will miss the immediate competition that thrives in a firm and helps individuals grow. Don’t let that pull you back. Set goals and make targets and try to fulfil them compete with challenges posed by you or with other familiar contract attorney. New Jersey, New York, Florida are prospective locations with payments like $ 75 to $ 100 per hour.

By lexutor