Career Opportunities

The ever green employment field where jobs will never stop pouring in and one is sure to find employment at any given point of time are – attorney jobs. Generally a Bachelors’ or a Masters’ Degree in Law is needed to be an attorney. There are many different types of attorney jobs and whether you are eligible to take up jobs as a litigation attorney or corporate attorney jobs depends solely on the specialisation subject chosen while pursuing an LLB or LLM.

Litigation attorney jobs and corporate attorney careers are very much different from each other. The difference lies mainly in the qualifications required and duties to be performed in both these jobs. Educational qualifications required to be a litigation attorney include a four-year Bachelors’ degree or international equivalent education as well as a JD degree. Reasoning, communication and questioning skills are a must for this position.

To qualify for a job of a corporate attorney it is important that the candidate has at least an undergraduate degree and has completed three years of law school. After completing studies an aspiring corporate attorney has to prepare for State Bar examination. Clearing this examination is a must to be titled as a corporate attorney. Additional courses in Contracts and Bargaining, Contracts, Negotiating commercial transaction documents, Corporate Finance Law, Exchange and Liability, Banking law, Finance of Real and Personal Property, Entrepreneurship Law and International Securities Regulation are a big plus.

A person who litigates cases in the court is called a litigation attorney. The scope of litigation attorney careers is vast as there is no scarcity of cases which are not settled mutually and are dragged to the court by the parties. They are either self employed or employed by government or private firms. Their basic responsibility is to supervise and represent clients in internal investigations, regulatory, enforcement proceedings and in litigation.

Jobs of Corporate Attorney are offered by corporations, in houses, business houses, Government bodies, private firms and even universities where in the attorney can act as an advocate or advisor to the company. Their main duty is to make sure that the activities of the bodies they are working with are genuine and that the body never faces any legal issue.

A glimpse into litigation attorney jobs and corporate attorney career make it clear that though both these are attorney jobs they are very much different from each other.

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