Career Planning 101 – What to Do With Your Law Degree

So, you’ve done the hard part already. You worked your tail off through law school, managed to pass the bar and are ready for the next step: applying for as many attorney jobs as you can find. But is there more to life after a law degree than just being a lawyer? What if you’ve recently discovered that maybe you’re not interested in using your law degree to actually land one of the attorney jobs you’ve been applying for? What then?

To start, don’t freak out. A lot of people who have law degrees have made an attorney career change, and you can, too! If you spend enough time working on your career planning goals, almost anything is possible. Below are three alternatives to the standard attorney jobs:

Attorney Career Planning 101

1. Become a consultant. In this economy, lots of businesses are looking for ways to save cash wherever they can. For some, this translates to outsourcing their staff attorney positions to freelance consultants. As a legal consultant, you can use your law degree to give great advice, without having to step foot in a courtroom.

2. Take up freelance writing. You know all of those briefs you wrote in law school? It could be time to put your writing skills to the test and apply for some freelance writing work. There are a variety of websites online that you can use to get started, and you’ll be able to work on your own schedule (and from the comfort of your own your pajamas!). This kind of career planning move could be just what you’re looking for, and is quite lucrative over time.

3. Change your legal specialty. If you haven’t been impressed with the attorney jobs from legal placement services that you’ve some across so far, maybe you should broaden your search to include attorney jobs that are outside of your specialty. Sometimes, a little change is all you need!

By lexutor