General Powers of Attorney

An attorney is a person who has the power to hold a legal degree of competing in the court of law on the behalf of their clients. An attorney would have all the perquisite knowledge of civil laws, crime laws, and other laws as required by the one who the attorney is fighting for. A general power of attorney, as listed in civil laws, is the power to act on someone else’s behalf in the court of law or advise the client on the law based subjects. A general power of attorney would include employing their skills and knowledge in defending their client in the legal battle field. An attorney in law is nothing but the one who is authorized to practice law and its jurisdictions, i.e. one who practices law in general terms.

An attorney is an agent to the client and as one of the agents, they should be honest and show punctuality in their duties. This punctuality should be coupled with all the knowledge base of the attorney. A general power of attorney would be limited or otherwise, depending upon the rules and regulations imposed by the constitution. A person holding the power of attorney is referred to as attorney general. Thus an attorney general has many powers, like representing someone else in the legal field, but these powers should be accompanied by honesty and a effective knowledge base. An attorney general is the person that should be focused and confident as far as work is concerned.

By lexutor