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The California Medical Association and Hospital carried out a study about the Medical malpractice cover. The outline of the search is that there were patients who got injuries after seeking some treatment from the hospitals and some even died. The same study carried out research that in New York, over fifty institutions portrayed that 31,000 institutions reviewed records, about 8,000, out of four patients one of them displayed proof of likely medical injury.

The disaster is not yet over. The wrong medical exercise rehearsal about the medicine Institute stated that nearly 100,000 patients passed on yearly. Below are some of the malpractice mistakes listed. When a mother is giving birth to a baby, some malpractice can be experienced. Some of the complications experienced during child birth can lead to the death of the baby, mother or some extent all of them. Such situations happen due to some careless attendance to give enough after and during birth care. Some of the failures are as a result of failure of providing care involves failure of signs of fetal distress detection, abnormalities detection.

The other instance where the malpractice is experienced is during surgical operations. In a room where surgery is being undertaken, bad planning and functional care can be a result of malpractice. The results of the occurrence are fatal irreparable and significances. There are severe cause of some incorrect practice such as tissue cutting, material misplacement and operation on the incorrect tissues.

To avoid infections, sterile conditions are necessarily needed. When a sterile surround is not maintained when the operation is in progress, the outcome can result in an infection. If the patients get the wrong blood transfusion and the wrong blood category there could be a possible infection. All the hospitals have an obligation to ascertain that patients are inspected after an operation to prevent heavy bleeding and infections as well as have some procedures.

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In some instant whereby diagnose is done wrongly or maybe failed can lead to some possible malpractice. It is true to say that the specialists can be a cause of well-being of some health issues to patients depending on the methods used. The diagnosis that needs to be addressed to a patient needs to be offered by the doctor after the cause is determined. Before giving any prescriptions or medication to the patient, it is crucial that the specialist carries out some blood test so that a solid answer is discovered as the day ends. An infection can worsen especially when the incorrect medicine and treatment is given to the wrong patient. Therefore, caution needs to be applied before any steps taken.