There are many ways a knowledgeable Oregon car accident lawyer can assist you after a serious accident that another driver caused. You might be able to receive compensation lost wages, medical bills, and other accident-related expenses.

The lawyer reviews the specifics of your accident and explains your legal options. This type of assistance improves your chances of getting the maximum amount after being injured by the negligence of another driver.

Here are a few more ways a personal injury lawyer can help you.

Investigate what Happened

A lawyer is experienced with investigating all factors that might have contributed to your accident. While it may seem clear that the driver broadsided your vehicle, there could be multiple factors such as poor road conditions, vehicle malfunction or proper signage.

Resources allow the lawyer to work with an accident reconstruction expert to learn how the accident unfolded.

Determine Responsible Parties

Not only can multiple factors lead to a serious car accident, but those factors could lead to holding other entities or people responsible along with the driver. These potentially responsible parties could be liable for compensation.

For instance, if the person who hit you was driving a company vehicle, a lawyer could contact their employer. The employer may share responsibility for the injuries you sustained.

Tire blowouts recall issues or other problems that can cause the vehicle to malfunction could be a manufacturer issue. The lawyer will add the manufacturer as a responsible party.

Deal with Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster is more concerned with saving the insurance company money. That means they will not be fair in your offer. Your lawyer knows the terms and tactics of the insurance industry after a serious car accident injury.

Any information that you provide could be used against you to either minimize or invalidate your claim. The lawyer can talk with the insurance adjuster so you can concentrate on getting better.

An accident lawyer knows Oregon laws that pertain to claims and the best ways to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. Consider having a legal advocate who is dedicated to fighting to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

By lexutor