How to Become a Corporate Attorney – Your Personal Guide

Who are corporate attorneys? Well they are lawyers who look after the legal aspects of the corporate. Usually these people are recruited from two sources. They are either hired directly by corporate to be absorbed in their legal team, or they may be part of law firms. In the second case, when a corporate goes to a law firm, he is directed to a corporate lawyer to handle matters regarding corporate law. These people are basically representatives of corporate law.

They have two main responsibilities. People in this profession make sure that business houses are run in compliance with the federal corporate law. Also when a corporation is sued and taken to court by filing a lawsuit, the corporate seeks out the services of these professionals to defend them. But corporate attorney jobs are not one bit easy to land. It requires rigorous hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Before you can take up corporate law as a professional course, there are several hurdles when you have to prove yourself through educational qualifications, time and time again. The eligibility for studying corporate law is the completion of a bachelor’s program. The bachelor’s degree needs to be completed in regular course rather than through correspondence.

You do not need to take any particular subject as pre-law, but it may be advisable to take up subjects that have some direct or indirect implications on corporate law. After you are through with your graduation, you need to appear for LSAT to gain admission to any law school. The journey does not end with successful completion of law school but that is the most important step towards landing corporate attorney jobs.

The admission exam is conducted over the internet and the examination fee is not too high. If you have about a hundred odd bucks to spare, then you should be affording taking the LSAT exam. Once you clear you’re LSAT, you need to apply to the various law schools, of which there are plenty to choose from.

Two things are needed while applying for admission to law school. They will ask for your undergraduate level mark sheets in addition to your LSAT scores. Based on your application supported by these two documents, a law school may or may not sign you up.

You will be offered specialization in various fields of law at a law school. In order to become a corporate attorney you need to have a specialization in corporate law at law school. A regular course in law lasts a minimum duration of three years. The first year is dedicated to general law. The second and third years are when you get to study the subject of your specialization. Then, you must clear the state bar test to practice as a lawyer.

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