It’s Critical To Know How To Remove Bed Bugs From Luggage Before They Invade Your Home

Why is it so important to stop the bed bugs from invading a home? Bed bugs can be very difficult to eliminate without the use of a costly exterminator. Understanding how to remove bed bugs from luggage is the first place to start before a home is invaded. Bed bugs cannot survive in extremely hot conditions. Knowing where bed bugs hide, exterminating them naturally and eliminating the chance for them to bite an individual and cause a skin rash is important.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs will typically be found in a chair or mattress after they’ve traveled in on a host. Bed bugs will hide in thin cracks in dark locations like the seam of a mattress. Once an area becomes overpopulated with bed bugs, they will start to spread to other locations.

Locating A Bed Bug

Baby bed bugs are only the size of a poppy seed. As they begin to grow, the adult stage is approximately as big as an apple seed. Removing the bedspread and observing the sheets, an individual may see signs of the actual insect, eggs, droppings, or blood stains.

Suitcase Transportation

If there is a large infestation of bed bugs in a location, it is imperative to have a suitcase that has a shell made of strong polycarbonate blends and is lightweight to carry. There is a suitcase on the market today that meets FAA guidelines, is lightweight, and can provide the heat needed to eliminate any bed bugs that may have crawled inside.

What Is The Best Way To Use This Type Of Suitcase?

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Packing items into this type of suitcase the night before and plugging it in for eight hours, will provide enough heat at 140 degrees that it will exterminate any insects before a traveler leaves the hotel. If there are any items forgotten the night before, the additional things can be put into the suitcase and plugged in when an individual gets home.

Using harsh pesticides and expensive exterminators can be eliminated when you stop bed bugs in the original location instead of letting them travel to your home. This type of suitcase is ideal to use in the overhead bins on the airline and has sturdy wheels for easy transport.