Making Social Networking Resources Work For You In Your Legal Job Hunt

Most of those looking for a legal job are aware of the power of using the site LinkedIn for this purpose. This particular networking site is geared towards business, rather than a site like Facebook which boasts a more social profile. But is it possible for a job seeker to use Facebook in any way for job hunting? Let’s take a look.

Facebook is of course primarily a social site for most. Even though companies have a presence on the site, most of those that do tend to be consumer-oriented, selling products like shoes or clothing that consumers would be interested in knowing more about. These firms can use Facebook to attract new and old customers with coupons, exclusive deals, and other marketing techniques that have a relatively high ROI (Return on Investment) based on the low cost of using Facebook.

At the same time, however, the hard-sell is not something that is generally seen on Facebook, certainly not as it pertains to business. So how can the job seeker use the site in a way that doesn’t alienate all of his or her friends?

The key is to think of Facebook as either an extension of already used networking techniques, or as the electronic version of those same techniques. For example, the savvy job seeker doesn’t go to a networking event with resume in hand, pushing that resume on anyone he comes in contact with. Or at least he shouldn’t! There’s no better way to alienate people than to make them feel as if you’re just using them in order to find a job.

The same principle applies to Facebook. If you suddenly start posting nothing but job-hunting related updates and posts, your friends will tire of you very quickly. However, just as people will post on Facebook when they’re looking for something – be it a new hire or a dentist recommendation – so too should you put out the word that you’re looking for a job. If people don’t know you’re looking, they can’t help you, and by planting the seed without being overbearing, you’ll be top of mind when your friends hear of openings at their company or other ones.

Another tactic that will let you be slightly more targeted in your approach involves sending a message to a select group of people who you think might have the most influence or advice when it comes to job hunting. For example, that group might consist of your law school colleagues. By sending them a specific message, you can hearken back to the camaraderie you shared at school, while being a bit more specific about what you’re looking for. This also ensures that your information doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of a rapidly changing Facebook news feed.

The bottom line is to think of Facebook as another tool in your arsenal, with the goal of letting as many people as possible know about your job hunt. Statistics show that most new jobs are found through word-of-mouth or connections – so take advantage of the ones you have!

By lexutor