Overhead Crane Accidents

Overhead cranes are an essential piece of construction machinery and are especially useful when it comes to erecting bridges and tall buildings.  Unfortunately, there is a great amount of danger when dealing when using overhead cranes on a construction site, often due to the sheer weight of the loads being lifted and the heights at which they are often suspended.

Each year, overhead crane accidents cause severe injuries or deaths on the job site.  Crane accidents also have a huge effect on productivity, medical insurance costs, and disability compensation.  The first step companies should take when using an overhead crane for construction is to follow all safety regulations when installing the crane. Improper installation of overhead cranes may cause the crane to malfunction, fall down, or fail to properly lift the load assigned.  Injuries caused by falling cranes are often serious and may cause disability or death.

Another important step employers should take is to properly inspect the crane during construction.  Overhead cranes should be examined for stress fractures and malfunctions regularly.  Wear and tear during use may put individuals at risk, both in the crane and down below.

Employers should make sure to provide crane operators with adequate training before allowing them to operate the crane. Employees who do not have the proper training or experience pose a serious danger to people below.  There have been numerous cases of injuries caused by falling payloads and such incidents should be avoided at all costs.

Workers injured in overhead crane accidents may be eligible for compensation for their pain and suffering. Families who have lost a loved one due to an overhead crane accident may also have reasonable claim to compensation for their loss.  There have also been many crane accidents involving pedestrians and passersby.  In such cases, the injured parties may have claim to compensation for any injuries suffered due to the accident.

As with nearly every facet of construction, it is essential that proper safety rules are established and followed at all times. When using machines such as overhead cranes, proper installation and maintenance can help avoid tragic accidents.  Due to the sheer heights and heavy materials involved in high-rise and bridge construction, overhead crane accidents can have serious implications for all involved.

By lexutor