Theme Park Safety

Theme parks are a favorite vacation get away. The thrill of zooming down a hill followed by a winding loop leaving you upside down and your stomach in knots is addictive. Always seeks bigger and faster rides, fans drive great distances to take part in the adventure. Many of the rides seem dangerous and scary, and for most people, that’s part of the fun. However, your body has a right to be anxious. Amusement rides are risky business. Luckily, engineers take extensive measures to protect the public , and most riders stay out of harms way. However, unfortunately, attractions at theme parks are not always safe. Tragically, rides fail at times, and people are hurt.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC surveys U.S. Hospitals to gather information about product injuries, which includes injuries that occur at a theme park. However, the information gathered is very limited. It does not include many of the most popular theme parks like Walk Disney World and Universal Studios. In addition, injuries that did not require an emergency room visit are not accounted. Therefore, the data collected is much less than what is predicted.

The CPSC used data to create a large report on injuries and deaths at amusement parks between 1987 and 2004. In 2004, there were approximately 3,400 accidents. Although mobile amusement rides showed no significant trend, inflatable ride injuries increased. There are more than double the number of injuries on inflatables than the injuries that occur on mobile rides.

San Antonio is home to the popular theme park Fiesta Texas. The ride that guests complain about the most is the Rattler. The Rattler was famous when it opened in 1992 as it was the world’s tallest wooden roller coaster. Most people were hurt during the first drop of coaster. Common areas of injury were head, neck, and back. As a result the ride’s 166 foot tall descent has no be changed to 122 feet. Because of the ride, the park was faced with more than 50 injury lawsuits forcing it into bankruptcy in 1996. One employee admitted that over 100 people were injured in a 3 month span.

While roller coasters are fun, it is important to make sure they aren’t harmful. If you have been hurt be a roller coaster, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. In addition, it is important to raise public awareness, so others are not injured. Visit to learn more.

By lexutor