Tips for Inventors Who Require a Patent Attorney

Working as an inventor is extremely challenging and competitive, although it is one of the most fulfilling career paths to take. When you have an invention that you want to protect and secure, seeking legal counsel from a patent attorney is essential. Knowing how to prepare for a meeting with a professional patent attorney is a way to move forward with the patent process without feeling lost, confused, or unsure of the next step to take.

Confidentiality Agreement

Before indulging information pertaining to your invention it is imperative to verify that there is a confidentiality agreement in place. When a patent attorney does not require a confidentiality agreement, you run the risk of your idea being shared without your permission or knowledge. Confidentiality agreements are a must for all inventors, whether you are creating a small item or if you have bigger ideas in mind.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Preparing for your consultation with a patent attorney is just as important as your first initial meeting itself. Gather any paperwork that is relevant to your invention while getting organized. Practice your presentation and consider how you want to present your invention in 30 seconds or less to truly convey your vision for the product or service you have in mind.


Gather and organize photographs of your invention to help your patent attorney learn more about the product you have created and the type of patent you require. Use multiple photographs to show the inner workings of your invention along with the exterior of the product you have created. The more photographs you have available to show, the easier it becomes to file for a patent that thoroughly protects your idea.

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If you do not currently have any photographs of your product (due to it not being created just yet), consider sharing drawings with your patent attorney. Drawings are not only useful to patent attorneys to file legal protection for you, but they are also used to convey information about products and services that photographs may not show.

Working Prototype

Sharing a working prototype of your invention is highly advisable if you have your product built and ready or show. With a prototype shared in person, your patent attorney can quickly determine which type of patent you require, and which patent is best for your finished product.


Trademarks keep other individuals and corporations from stealing your name or idea. After you have found a patent attorney minneapolis MN to work for you, inquire about your options regarding trademarks. Trademarking your invention or the name you have coined for your product is essential to maximize the amount of protection you have over your invention altogether.

Getting prepared to meet with a patent attorney is a way to learn more about the process of filing for a patent altogether. Feeling confident and knowledgeable on your own is a way to make the right decisions when moving forward with any patents or trademarks you require for your inventions.