Washington Earmuffs

Now we see where the pressure is on the New York State Attorney General to get in line with the “boys” and agree to the twenty-billion dollar settlement with the big banks for their “raping and pillaging” of everyday Americans.

Perhaps, you have your own horror story of being evicted and the bank ending up with your home, even though you found out later, that they never owned it. In order to understand the complexity of this heinous crime on America, you have to get a grasp of how it was done and how it is still being enacted in our courts throughout the land.

Put the numbers together “Charlie”. On the surface, the “wusses” want to have AG Eric Schneiderman roll over and let this thing go. BUT, you should, as least run the numbers and wonder why. If, we used a weighted average of $100,000.00 per foreclosed home loan balance and we divide that into the offered settlement of

$ 20,000,000,000.00 (billion) we find that amount of money will only go to (200,000) affected homeowners. Just a drip from the faucet. Maybe, Mr. Schneiderman did run the numbers and that is why he so staunchly amount of the settlement is paltry when compared to the damage.

I don’t know the exact number of foreclosures, but let’s just say that there are two-million. If, we let these banks get away with just helping out ten percent of the damage, if two-million is the number, then why won’t they settle the debts that are owed to them for the same amount? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

From what we can gather from the internet, because the media is reluctant to reveal the real scheme of the banks, we can only assume that what Mr. Schneiderman is fighting against is an up-hill battle. If, enough red-blooded Americans that have been hurt by this gang of thieves can make their voices heard loud and clear, maybe, just maybe with elections coming up, the “ear-muffs” in Washington might come off.

I know the feeling of having everything taken away from years of hard work. I know how defenseless someone feels when fighting that big machine in Washington and Wall St. But, the facts are now beginning to emerge in the media. They cannot hide their heads in the sand forever. The stories are leaking out and the most recent court cases finally have some Federal Judges and some local Judges ruling on the legality of the paperwork that is being filed. Maybe, it is because of the size of the crime or maybe it is because of the fear of being a part of the crime.

As the story continues to un-fold and more and more Americans are realizing how they have been swindled. We can get to the bottom of this mess. Look at Mr. Ben Bernanke as a firefighter. Here he is looking at fires of un-employment, job loss, bank scandals, corporate scandals and the entire financial mess of the country. He is NOT worried. He is playing “cat and mouse” with us. Think about this for a minute. Washington has a credit card limit of three-hundred-trillion dollars. As the “clowns” in Washington continue to use up our credit card, the gang that works with Bernanke will just print more money. Mind you, I said PRINT. Not borrow, just print it and charge interest on that which was created out of thin air. WHY?

Because, once the “Washington clowns” have used up all of our credit, then the group that owns the Federal Reserve (a private company) owns us. How did I arrive at the number of three-hundred-trillion? Well, we know that in (1933) the United States declared bankruptcy. That is fact. Also, the only way to address the debt was to create a value on the future earnings of every American after that.

Hence, the Social Security System was created. Everyone born after that was given a value by the US Treasury Department. The future earnings are what were pledged to pay off this debt. That is the credit card that was created. As, long as we continue to use the credit card and we encounter something that requires more money, such as a war, natural disaster or reckless spending in Washington then the credit card bank (Federal Reserve) will continue to smile and print more money.

How does this sound to you? “Hello Ben, Tim here. I need another cool five-hundred big ones”. “Okay, Timmy, you got it”. “Oh, by the way, where do you want me to send the case of (25 year old) scotch to”? Now, with this conversation between the US Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, you see the game that is played.

Regis P Sauger

By lexutor