What a Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For Your Case

If you’re thinking of suing someone without a personal injury attorney by your side, you could be making a big mistake. Sure, there are times when no lawyer is necessary, such as a small claims court case, for instance. But if you’re suing for injuries caused by an individual or company, chances are the potential damages have already exceeded the maximum allowed by small claims court. And going into a major legal proceeding with a lawyer is never a good idea. If you need some convincing, here are some of the things a lawyer can do for your case.

Collecting Evidence

Evidence is as important in a civil trial as it is in a criminal one. The jury makes its decision based on that evidence, and if you want to bring a lawsuit against someone, it is your responsibility to compile it. Your personal injury attorney will have evidence collection down to a science. He will look at any information the police have from the incident, including the accident report, and he will find and interview witnesses relevant to the case. He will collect hospital bills, doctor’s statements, and anything else that could be a boost for your trial. Can a non-lawyer do these things? Perhaps, but it would be much more difficult.


Even if your career involves sensitive and aggressive negotiations, this isn’t something you want to take on yourself. Without a personal injury attorney by your side, the opposition isn’t going to take your challenge seriously. You have no leverage, because they know you’re not going to sue them without legal representation. Even a lawyer who isn’t particularly skilled in the art of negotiations has a significant advantage over you, because they can threaten to take the case before a jury. You can do the same, but the opposing lawyers are going to drag it out as long as possible.

Arguing the Case

Has a plaintiff ever taken a major civil lawsuit before a jury without legal representation and been victorious? A lot of things have happened in American law, so the answer is probably “yes.” However, it is rare, as you can imagine, and it isn’t something you want to attempt. A jury trial can take years to develop into a reality. Even if you’re unable to work due to your injuries, you don’t have the time to try a case on your own. With a good personal injury attorney, you can have the confidence and knowledge to move forward and fight a winning battle.

By lexutor