What Is General Power of Attorney?

In case you keep yourself involved in a number of legal dealings you would have come across the term general power of attorney. The concept of general power of attorney is different from the concept of specific power of attorney. So what is the exact difference between the two? What is each of the concepts all about? Before we delve into the intricacies of the differences between the two, let us first understand the concept.

When you give a trusted person the permission to deal on your behalf, this is called a power of attorney. Here, the person giving the power becomes the principal. In this case, you are the principle and the person who is assigned the authority is called in legal terms the attorney.

There are however two types and in most of the cases people issue specific power. This would give the attorney in fact the power to take decisions on behalf of the principle, on specific matters only. A general power stands in contrast to that as this would grant the attorney the total authority to take decisions in the absence of the principle. This implies that when you are appointing someone you would have to be very careful that the person you are choosing is an absolutely trusted person.

If you are not acquainted with this concept, the first question that would come to your mind, is that why would someone simply use this? A power of attorney is assigned as a general authority, when a person or the principle is unable to handle his or her own decisions, the power of attorney would be authorized to a qualified representative. Often there are cases when a person due to prolonged absence for the sake of travel or medical treatment is unable to be present in a matter where it is very essential to be so. Most of the times, this authorization is provided for taking medical decisions.

When such an authorisation is being made, it is obvious that a lot of legal complexities need to be resolved. That is why you would have to be very careful when you are authorising a general power of attorney. You need to choose the person who is going to be your attorney in fact very carefully. One mistake in this decision could be really a big loss to you.

By lexutor