According to NFSI, there are over 8 million hospital emergency room visits due to slip and fall injuries. In addition, nearly half of all of the accidental deaths that occur happen at home from a fall that happened to occur on the flat ground level and not an elevated level. It is definitely unfortunate that there have been many lives lost due to slip and fall accidents at home. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, you can be young, elderly, a young toddler or even infants all end up getting injured from accidental falls. In order to prevent accidents from happening and people from becoming seriously injured, it is critical that homeowners make the necessary changes to their home in order to make their home a safer environment. If there are children living in the home, you definitely want to make sure that you make immediate changes to your home that could possibly cause a risk of falling. If you have a significant number of cracks and or lifts in your concrete, you may want to consider redoing your whole driveway in order to make your home a safer environment.

According to EHS Today, the United States spend about more than $70 billion dollars every year on workers compensation claims from slip and fall accidents. More and more people are becoming seriously injured from a slip and fall accident. In addition, there are many people taking trips to the emergency rooms due to slip and fall accidents that occur at home. Tripping and falling can be a serious accident and can cause severe physical damage. If you happen to trip over a crack in your driveway and end up falling so hard that you hit your head on a rock, you could be facing some serious head trauma. Head trauma is something that can be extremely dangerous because you can possibly become unconscious or worse, you can be facing severe brain damage that is not reversible. It is critical that homeowners take preventative measures in reducing the risk of trip and fall accidents in their homes.

There are many things that homeowners can do to reduce the risk of someone tripping and falling at their home. The first thing that homeowners should do is complete an inspection around their home to discover any cracks and lifting concrete from the ground. Once you discover any cracks and lifting cement, you want to make sure that you take photos of it and make a list of these cracks repair. If there are multiple cracks found throughout your driveway, you probably want to think about redoing your whole driveway to make it safer for you and your family members. By redoing your driveway, you can rest assured that you will have repaired every single crack and crevice that you have found. You can start by conducting an online research where companies that provide these types of services near you. You can search for: concrete contractors Albuquerque NM.

Overall, slip and fall accidents are never fun and can be extremely dangerous. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that you are responsible enough to take care of any issues with your property that can cause a slip and fall accident. Taking preventive measures and repairing these issues ahead of time can help save others from being injured.

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